You and Social Media – Relationship Status Married

What? Are you wondering on the title? Don’t hate me for this! This is the fact! Accept it!

Okay, Let me explain why i think that you are indirectly married to Social Media.

Lets start with the original Male and Female Relationship trend. How a relationship works –

1. Boy meets a girl or Girl meets a boy.
2. They start enjoying each others company.
3. They feel comfortable and secured together.
4. They start with spending little time together and desire to spend even more time with each other. Eventually they start spending most of their time together.
5. They feel attracted and start doing several cute things to attract each other even more.
6. Now the time comes when they can’t resist living apart.
7. They get married and live every single part of each other’s lives.
8. No matter what the time is Morning, Afternoon, Evening or Night, they share thousands of moments together.
9. They like, dislike, enjoy, tease, celebrate and do lots of stuff again together.

Now, as we have already gone through the step by step process of how a human relationship works. Lets come to the point of human relationship with Social Media now.

1. You get to know a Social Media Platform. You create an account. (Twitter, Facebook etc.)
2. You start exploring and enjoying its features.
3. Now as you have tweaked all the features of Social Media platform, you start feeling comfortable and secured using it. (As security is always promised by such platforms)
4. You started with spending little time on Social Media and ended up with spending most of your time on it.
5. You get totally attracted to social media and post several weird, cute, funny, genuine content on it to grab attention of your friends or circle.
6. Now the time comes when you can’t resist not to check your notifications in every 5 minutes.
7. You get engaged with it completely.
8. No matter what the time is Morning, Afternoon, Evening or Night, you are sharing every moment of your life with friends on Social Media.
9. You like, unlike, share, comment, message, chat and do lots of stuff with social media platforms.


Am i right?

What do you think now?
Are you actually in relationship with Social Media?

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