5 Tips to maximize your time while doing Social Media Marketing

In the world where social media has become a way of life and is beneficial in marketing a business, how do we maximize our time while doing social media? Sometimes just merely marketing a business through social media can consume so much time that you […]

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You and Social Media – Relationship Status Married

What? Are you wondering on the title? Don’t hate me for this! This is the fact! Accept it! Okay, Let me explain why i think that you are indirectly married to Social Media. Lets start with the original Male and Female Relationship trend. How a relationship works […]

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Young Woman On The Telephone And Computer

5 Tips to write an Eye Catchy Email

In this era of Internet, a huge number of people are sending and receiving emails on daily basis. These can be personal emails, official emails or marketing emails. You will definitely be shocked to hear that somewhere around 144.8 Billion emails are sent everyday as per recent studies. But out of those 144.8 Billion, how […]

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How To Drive More Followers To Instagram

Instagram has been emerged as a powerful marketing tool which can not be avoided when it comes to Social Media Marketing. It allow its users to add Descriptions, Hash tags, Location and Filters to the photos that are taken by their smart phones. For marketers Instagram is kind of a cool application which allows them […]

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