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5 Tips to write an Eye Catchy Email

In this era of Internet, a huge number of people are sending and receiving emails on daily basis. These can be personal emails, official emails or marketing emails. You will definitely be shocked to hear that somewhere around 144.8 Billion emails are sent everyday as per recent studies. But out of those 144.8 Billion, how many emails do you think are actually read by recipients???

People these days are so busy that nobody has time to read each and every email they receive. People only read emails which are important or which sound interesting to them. Moreover, due to email flood that comes into people’s inbox everyday, they find it easier to either stop checking or unsubscribe those emails which they find useless. Now the question is…

Do you want to be avoided or actually want your emails to be read by your customers or subscribers?

If you just said that you don’t want your emails to get avoided than your solution to effective emails is right here-

1) Subject Line

You must have heard that “First Impression is Last Impression”

This theory exactly applies on “Subject Line” of an email. Because its not the email which displays on the screen when you receive one, but the subject title and sender’s name. There is no use of wasting time in writing an attractive email if your subject line is poor. Always write a concise and email specific subject line which explains the whole idea of email by itself.

For example :

Lets say if you have to send a Month End Business Report to your supervisor.

Bad Subject Line – Report

Good Subject Line – Month End Business Report for March 2015

2) Focus

Stay away from writing stories in email!!

Always focus on covering single point per email instead of pulling multiple points within one. Write separate email for different issues.

For example :-

If you have to ask for leave from your supervisor as well as you have to send him Month End Business Report at the same time.

The best exercise in this case is to write 2 different emails i.e one email in which you are asking for leaves and another one is for submission of Month End Report.

3) Concise and Specific

If you really want your email to be read, then write your email in such a way that you can cover whole idea of email within few words. Keep it concise. Never exaggerate on anything as it may lead readers into some kind of confusion or frustration.

4) Proofread

Once you are done with writing email, proofread it before hitting on send button. As proofreading is considered as best exercise to protect you from making an error. It allows you to correct any of the typo error that you may have made while typing email. A typo error can be a spelling mistake, grammatical mistake or even wrong sentence formation which may mislead entire idea of that email. Proofreading is a safety tool especially when you are writing business emails.

5) Tone

Mind your tone while writing professional or marketing emails. It should not be too loud or too pitchy or even it should not sound like you are actually forcing your readers to take action.

Instead if you are writing an official email then your selection of words should be in such a way that it represents politeness yet informative. And if you are writing a marketing email then use smart selection of words that it should be able to generate interest of readers and readers will feel excited by themselves to take an action or to make a purchase towards whatever your email represents.

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