5 Tips to maximize your time while doing Social Media Marketing

In the world where social media has become a way of life and is beneficial in marketing a business, how do we maximize our time while doing social media? Sometimes just merely marketing a business through social media can consume so much time that you are risking your chance of managing your business. Why spend too much time on social media while you can do a way with marketing and managing your business at the same time? This is possible you only need to strategize on how to do it. Here are Five (5) Simple steps to get you started.

Make use of Social Media Tools: This is one way of maximizing your time and energy, with all the social media platform being used nowadays, having a social media tool is indeed necessary. In this way, you can be sure that you are generating more time in managing your business and still able to market your business. There are a lot of social media tools you can use, and I recommend TweetDeck and SproutSocial among others. Through the use of these tools, you can find all the social media platforms such as facebook, instagram, Google Plus, Linkedln and youtube among others in one dashboard, and it is indeed convenient on our end.

Take time to Schedule: The right way to maximize your time is to schedule your social media time, decide on how many minutes or hours do you allot in a day to do social media marketing and break the allotted time into scheduled sections, one example would be is allocating 1 hour a day, it can be break down into scheduled section of 10-15 minutes on a particular time until you complete the allotted 1 hour for the day: like 10minutes at 10am, another 10 minutes at 12 noon , then same allotted minutes at 1pm then 3pm. Make sure you set your timer every time you work on your social media time. But you need to be strict to spend this time strictly for business only.

Develop a Strategy: Obviously, in all business endeavor, coming up with a plan and a strategy is a requirement, you cannot just engage into something without a thorough thinking, you need to establish a goal and how you are going to achieve that goal, one way of doing it is develop a framework and along the way define your key performance indicators to measure your social media strategy. Are you halfway there? Was there an improvement? Or do you need to re-establish a new framework again?

Connect to your Audience: Try reaching out to your friends in Social Media, get personal with them without sounding like promoting your product, sometimes it takes a little bit of trust from your social media audience to make your business work.

Use your Smartphone to do Social Media Marketing: In moments when you are out of office or unable to work on your laptop, using your smartphone is a perfect alternative, in this way you can keep up with the assigned schedule still making you visible online while doing other things. In this way you can be sure you are maximizing your time, while doing other stuff and still able to market your business.

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